Frequently Asked Questions

How can I meet you?

All you need to do is send me a text on 0492 318 408 and use the following template;

Hi Krystelle! My name is [your name]. I am [your age].
I found you on [insert website].
I'd like to see you at [time] on [date] in [your city here].

Im interested in [GFE or PSE]
Looking forward to meeting up with you.


If you are having difficulties with text messaging you can also email to


What can I expect in a booking with you?

I'm fun, down to Earth, and easy to talk to. You'll find yourself feeling comfortable, welcoming, and able to explore your wants and needs with me.


My personal preference is for you to let me know beforehand if there is anything in particular you would like to explore in the session. That way I can make sure I am prepared and able to provide everything to suit your needs. I'm naturally more submissive, so if we haven't had that kind of conversation beforehand, I'm likely to just go with the flow and try to match the vibe I get from you. I don't have a script or a schedule I go by - I like to just spend time together and see what happens! But if there is something that's really important to you in a booking and you don't let me know, then I can't guarantee it will happen!

Can I request an outfit?

Yes please! Honestly the more information you give me about what you like, the better. I may not be able to accomodate all outfit requests of course, but I'll try to do what I can.

If you find a particular outfit online or in store that you would like to see me in, you're welcome to buy it for me! I'm a size 12-14, bra size 12D/14C, shoe size US 6

What do I enjoy? What don't I enjoy?

I like it all. I love pleasing people and making people feel good, so if you're happy then I'm usually happy too! But, in the interests of answering the question, these are the things I like best:


Teasing - I love pushing you right to the edge watching you tense up as i then proceed slow down and you relax again.

BJ - Nothing turns me on more than giving head. I absolutely love it.

Dirty talk - Dirty talk really gets me going, but I don't think I'm very good at doing it myself - practise makes perfect though!

Threesomes - sex with one person is awesome. Sex with more is that much better!

These are all things that I am happy to do as a part of a booking, but that I don't get any enjoyment out of:


- 69 and face sitting

- Vigorous rough fingering

- Anal play on me

- Clitoral stimulation while having vaginal sex


And while I obviously enjoy orgasms, they do take a lot out of me. I'm a human being and, after 20 or so orgasms, I can usually pretty desperate for a break and some water!

Do I need to manscape?

It's not vital, however, a trim is always nice. Shaving may leave you itchy, so that's not expected of you.

Am I shaved or trimmed?

I am smoothly shaved.